Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Absence. Update. 2017.

Hello. Apologies for my absence here.

Having no internet in my room is not an excuse but it is the main reason as to why I haven't blogged. I don't really like writing on my phone. It is just not the same.

So, quick update as to my current status: I'm on my second week of leave out of 3 and I fly off to Philippines for 2 weeks tomorrow.
Fly out on the 1st and land back on Australian soil on the 14th.

I'm not that excited for this part of my holiday because I'm not really looking forward to the heat and humidity, I am however looking forward to seeing family again.

Anyway, although a month late, Happy New Year to all! I hope you've enjoyed the first month of 2017 and it will continue to bring joy and prosperity to your lives.

2017 for me has been pretty great so far. Last week, I travelled to Melbourne, VIC with Paolo and we had a ball of a time.

We tried so many great food places, he was patient and helpful when I did my shopping. We enjoyed the intensity of the match it was between Federer and Wawrinka! And it was our first holiday away, just the two of us!

Work has also been great. I was told happy news before I went on leave and Paolo told me some great new this morning too. So when I come back from Philippines, we will definitely be celebrating!

Again, I would like to say Happy New Year! Here's to 2017. I hope it treats us all well.

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