Sunday, November 13, 2016

This blog ...

I told you I'd be back soon.

Mainly just to give an update on something not that big.

So, I have initially started this blog because I wanted to be a fashion blogger. However, I never really got around to taking photos of my own, or researching and recreating trends, and other things fashion bloggers would do.

I didn't get around to it just because I was lazy, but also because I just never thought I was good enough. My sense of fashion hasn't always been the best on me. I would see how other people put pieces of clothing together and think, "Hey! That looks awesome. I want to try that out!"
However .... One, I didn't really have money to buy those things. Two, I didn't have the time to buy those things. Three, I didn't have the time or money to take decent enough photos - all I really had was my phone and my dad's old SLR camera but it was just way to hard to take photos by myself, especially without a tripod. And four, I just thought that those clothes didn't look great on me.

Regardless of still eating what I want when I want, I've struggled with how I feel about my image. I'm not skinny, and I'm not obese. I can see that plan and simple. I just struggle to be comfortable in what I wear. Even when I wear things that others suggest would suit my body type, I just still didn't have that confidence. And ... let's all be real honest guys. If I could choose to wear an outfit for the rest of my life, I would pick sweatpants and a hoodie, hands down!

Anyway, losing track now. So I started this blog because I wanted to be a fashion blogger but that never happened. I would share photos and posts from of looks that I really liked, but I didn't do any more than that.

Eventually, my blog turned into posts about my then-boyfriend and quotes and what not. Just a bunch of random or miscellaneous thoughts. After that I think it all just went downhill. I have a couple of other sites going ... My Tumblr is funnily still alive. So is my second blogger site - but don't bother checking for updates - I haven't yet deleted it but I eventually will. I need to get a hang of how all these sites work again ... I feel like I'm getting old hahaha. Yeah so what else ... Oh yeah, my Twitter and Instagram is still used quite often. I log and browse pretty much everyday but I don't always post. Same with Facebook and Snapchat. My Lookbook is also still alive, but I haven't posted in about a year I think. I should again soon actually, now that I think about it.

Wow, I keep going off topic in this blog post. Whatever ... So to just get to the point, this blog will pretty much just be random stuff. My thoughts mostly. What's going on in my life. Updates. Things I find interesting or funny. I'll try to share things that I spend my time on too, like what I'm reading or what I'm watching - mostly on Youtube or Netflix since I don't really watch TV.

Yeah, this blog will be about me. Which is why I changed the name from it's original "Sentimentally Ordinary". I just feel like that's not me anymore and I need to let go and move on.
I was thinking of starting a new blog all together but you know what? My past is my past and it is a part of who I am today. I have remove some panels on the sides - anything about ex really - because that is no longer part of who I am today. But I won't or don't plan to delete any of my old posts about him. He was an important part of my life for 5 years and that's something I appreciate. I grew a lot and learned a lot and deleting it all as if it were just easy to erase or because I don't want to remember any of it seems petty. Like I said, my past is part of who I am today and sometimes going through old posts just reminds me of why I have made the decisions that have brought to where I am now.

So again, this blog with be about me. Old posts will most likely still be there. I'll probably change a couple other things like the background. But most I'll keep as is.

Talk soon!

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