Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cold. Heat. Distraction. Personal.

Hey all,

Happy weekend.

Gee, it's really starting to heat up now. I'm really missing the cold. I hate heat. I hate the humidity. I hate the buys, most especially the flies.

The cold is so much for comforting. If you're feeling chilly you could have a nice, hot beverage and layer on more clothes or curl in under a blanket and you'll be all nice and cosy.

The heat however, take off as many layers as you want, you'll still feel the heat. You'll still sweat and get all stick from the humidity. Not even having a cold drink or dessert will help cool you down all that much.

But hey, lots of people like the heat. The like the sun. They like the beach.

To each their own I guess.

Lol! What am I even rambling on about?!

I think I'm just trying to distract myself.
Life just hasn't been the same this past week and it's not going to get an easier to be completely honest.

I'm not ready to let it all out though. I might not even do so on this blog. I think it's just too personal and I don't really want to start a series of depressing blog posts. I'll try to keep that to my own private twitter account.

Anyway, I'm off for now. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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