Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Finished my last exam yesterday. Felt so good to walk out feeling a little lighter and somewhat less stressed.

But even with exams done, I'm still feeling heavy and weighed down. After venting out more yesterday I do feel a little better. But still ... I really just want this feeling to go away. I want my mind to be free.

I'm really only comforted with the fact that I'll be on holiday with Carl and my cool Ates and Kuyas this exact time next month. I cannot wait! Very excited because it'll be the first time I'm travelling overseas without my parents. Not that I didn't enjoy overseas trips with them, this is just the first time I'll really feel grown up.
Haha yes, I'm still a big kid. But whatever, it's my first time so I am going to focus on that and enjoy myself.

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