Wednesday, April 24, 2013

5 Looks: Everyday.

It's been months since I've posted here. I guess I kind of forgot about this blog since I've slowly been using my tumblr a bit more lately.

Anyway, to get straight to the point ... I still love fashion! Whether it's watching youtube videos, looking at magazines,, and especially street fashion. Even though I'm not really in the city much, you can get fashion inspiration anywhere! So even though I'd love to get all dressed up and look all flashy and stylish every time I walk out of the house, it's honestly something I rarely do.
So this post will be dedicated to looks that I would wear on a daily basis. Obviously I'd dress them down to suit me specifically, especially since I'm not much of a heels kind of girl anymore.

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I love simplicity. So blacks, white and nudes are perfection! I'd change the shoes to flats or wedges for myself, but that's because I can't wear heals for the whole day.

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Fashion, cuteness and comfort all put together! This is the type of outfit I'd wear when I feel like dressing up for university but still feel comfortable and be able to run when I'm trying to beat a deadline for an assignment.

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I'm personally not a fan of printed tights, but for smiley faces, I'd definitely make an exception. Everything about this look is effortless!

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Over-sized jumper, leggings and sneakers. Anyone who knows me would know that these kinds of combos are my absolute fav.!!

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Jeans and a button up are another combo that I favour. When I'm feeling a little lazy to really dress up, I opt for a button up and any bottom that would suit the occasion and I'm good to go! Button ups are lifesavers!!

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