Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6 Looks: Ebony & Ivory.

Hey guys!

So here's more looks that I'm liking from Lookbook.nu. I've decided that today I'd focus on looks that are a little minimal; hence, the black and white colour palettes.
Not all are strictly limited to 'b&w', but pretty much the foundation of the entire look.

Hope you guys enjoy!!

Original image here.

I love the lace shorts. I believe lace shorts are trending for Spring and that's why there's so many looks and youtube fashion videos/tutorials on how to dress them and what not.
Now, I love trends, but trends are something a girl would share with other girls. And since I don't exactly have much friends, much less, spend time with them to talk about trends, I don't really think I'd end up buying my own pair of lace shorts this coming Spring.
But nevertheless, I love this look and it's so simple yet elegant eye-catching.

Original image here.

This dress would  be a must-have for me. It's simple and has a flattering silhouette. It would also be easy dress it up or down depending on what items and accessories you'd pair it with.

Original image here.

This look is so laid back yet it kind of hits you in the face. The horizontal print of the pants paired with the jaw-dropping backless top are definitely an ideal pairing. And the mustard beanie gives the look that extra-edgy 'pop' of colour.

Original image here.

What can I say .. Collared statement necklace. Pearls. Dress. And most of all, Flats!
I'm also liking the envelope clutch, even though I probably wouldn't get one for myself. It is yet another trend, and also because I prefer to have my hands free without having to hold my bag around everywhere I go: I lose things easily.

Original image here.

Plainly saying that I love the dress doesn't even seem so suffice ..

Original image here.

The pleated & high-waisted skirt as well as the white button-up top with gold-tipped embellishments is to die for. Not to mention the floral patterned blazer!!

Disclaimer: I do not own these images. Images are from Lookbook.nu.
Direct click links are found below each image.

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