Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick Post 5.

Hey everyone!

Hope you all have had a good start to the week.
I kind of started my Monday a bit earlier because I was up until 2am. Starting from about .. 9:30pm last night, I cut up 3 pairs of pants into shorts: two pairs of jeans and a pair of high-waisted pants.
The jeans I left the bottom edges raw so they'd fray and with the high-wasted pants I folded and  hand-sewed the bottom edges.
Even though I have no talent with a needle, I'm pretty happy with it.

So, today I had my usual morning routine. Breakfast, 7th Heaven and Friends. After, I went straight to my uni. assignments.
I'm happy to say that I'm almost 50% through with the word count for my Children's Literature essay and about 80% done with my last Chinese research project. Other than finishing those, I've got to study for my Chinese exam which is this Friday ..

Well, I guess that's all for now. Just a quick post for tonight.. But I already know I'll be back with another Lookbook post within the next hour.


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