Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Post 2.

Hey guys!

Hope everyone has been going well.
I am currenty at university right now.

My morning lecture was cancelled so I'll pretty much be hanging around until 2pm.
So I thought I might as well write a quick blog post.

Yesterday, I took the time to do some online window shopping.
As I've already said before, my boyfriend is going to America in less than two weeks so I thought I might browse online to see what I'd like for him to get me.
The main things were make-up products. They're a bit less expensive there compared to here in Australia so I thought I'd take the opportunity to get some (:

What I really want are Lancome brushes.
Though, I did search up the prices of Sigma's brush collections though, and they're much cheaper. So if my boyfriend doesn't end up buying me Lancome brushes in America, then I'll save up for Sigma brushes and buy one of the Travel Kit Collections. The London Travel Kit looks so pretty, but I'll be happy with either of the Make Me Up Collection brush kits.

Other things I found that I'd like are lipsticks from M.A.C and Lancome, a designer wallet (maybe - still looking and depends on how much it is) and shoes.
Shoes that I want are black loafers, leopard print loafers, and brown Vans. Yes, I know that the correct colour name is 'Espresso,' but I actually saw another pair of brown Vans which was a bit lighter than the Espresso one, so yeah. I want the lighter pair.

Anyway, I should probably get back to studying.
I've got a quiz for Chinese tomorrow and I want to do a little better than my last one.
Wish me luck!!

And take care everyone (:

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