Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick Post 1.

Hey guys!

Just a really quick post for now.
I've been busy with uni. again and since major assessments and presentations are due in the next few weeks, I'll probably be quite uneventful still. But I do hope everyone is doing great.

Lately I've just been doing my best to stay up-to-date with readings and weekly tasks, so they've pretty much consume my time during the week days.
And on Friday nights and weekends, I've just been spending time with my boyfriend.
He's going on holiday to America in about 2 weeks, so I just really want to spend quality time with him before he leaves.

Anyway, yesterday and today were pretty much filled with uni. work. Yesterday, I submitted another online literature response task and also did some study for my Chinese quiz on Friday.
And today, I did more study for Chinese and caught up with my Maths homework.

So I hope this quick update will suffice for now. I'll probably do another lookbook post soon since that's pretty much the main thing I love to do.

Take care guys!!

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