Monday, May 21, 2012

Break-up: Can we still be friends?

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to whoever asked me, "Can we be friends with our ex-boyfriend?" I am glad to give what advice I can.

So to answer your question: Yes and No.

I myself would as that question, but to tell the truth, it all really depends. I think it mainly depends on how the relationship ended and on what terms you both agreed on.
What the relationship has gone through could also vary the outcome.

If it was a mutual break-up where you both separated willingly, than yes, there could be a very likely chance that ex-s could still be friends.
If it was a one-sided break-up, well, that's a different story. There could be many reasons for a one-sided break-up and every reason could have a different outcome.

When deciding on whether or not to be friends with an ex, keep the following in mind:
  • What was your relationship like? Was it to you, a good relationship or a bad relationship?
  • What were the reasons for your break-up? Was it one-sided or was it mutual? How long (if any) have the thoughts/actions been going on for?
  • What were the conditions of your break-up? Will you give each other time? Will you go your separate ways or are you both willing to stay in contact with one another?
From these questions, you may be able to see whether or not this person should still be in your life. I know it sounds harsh to shut someone out, but sometimes it is the best and it is what needs to be done.

When exiting a relationship, you should think of yourself, what is best for you and what will make you happy.
You should remember that your happiness matters. That is most important.
I personally can't stand to see someone forcing themselves to stay in a relationship when they are not happy. It's not beneficial for you or for your partner. And staying in an unhappy - or, in other words, 'unhealthy' - relationship is not good for anyone.
In the end, if the decision to be friends after the break-up is mutual, it is important to be civil.
Be mature about the situation you are entering in to.
If you decide to be friends, then be happy for one another no matter what happens after the break-up.

Again, thank you to the person who asked me a question. And I hope I've answered you to some extent.
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Thank you, Take care!
And Toodles!!


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