Thursday, April 19, 2012


Not really feeling it today.

It's a little hard when I'm craving for a beautiful pair of shoes, but, one, I can't chose, and two, I don't even have the finances to purchase them if I were able to choose.

This really saddens me ...
So, I need a pick-me-up!
And you know what always works?
Not surprised huh?

Well, it's because looking at fashion brings up my mood with inspirational looks and (how I like to see it) fashion tips!
Obviously it's not like a Youtube video or blog post where a beauty/fashion guru will teach you how to pair certain items, but seeing the variety of looks that are posted every single day helps me to see what outfits and combinations I can do with what I have.

I've actually been meaning to starting commenting and writing notes about the looks that I've been posting, but every time I do get around to posting, I'm running out of time and/or I get distracted with all of the other looks on
(They are all oh-so-beautiful!!)

So ... It's now (and not really never) that I'll try and making a few comments or notes about the looks that I'm posting/linking to you guys.
These notes, by the way, will give you a little insight to how I like to dress and my fashion preferences as well (:

Oh, by the way, the looks that I post vary from "Hot", "New" and "Top", and will not be in any specific order.

Anyway, Enjoy!!!

Original image here.

Well, the first think that comes to mind is, "Yay! Flat shoes!"
Now, don't get me wrong, I love heels, pumps, wedges, anything shoe-type that gives you height, but I'm more of a comfort dresser. Though, there are times when I'd occasionally sacrifice my comfort for a more chic and out-going outfit.

Original image here.

I love the 'comfort' of this outfit. The jeans and tee/sweater is a classic that never wears out. This would be a go-to outfit for me when I need to quickly run out the door, or if I simply cannot decide on what to wear.

Original image here.

I'm loving her jeans. The colour is brilliant and it's a perfect pair to wear with her animal patterned top.
And can you guess what else I'm loving about it?

Original image here.

This look is amazing! The first thing that came to mind is "Retro-Rocker-Chick"! This would be something I'd love to put together for myself when I feel like making a statement to the world.
My statement: I may be small, girly and child-like, but that doesn't mean that I'm easily messed with.

Original image here.

The over-sized sweater is what caught my eye. I love the comfy look!

Original image here.

I love cute and girly dresses. They never cease to amaze me!
I love the pale-pink colour and the adorable collar. (No, I'm not trying to mess around with my words. That was completely unintentional.)

Original image here.

I'm still wanting my own A-Line skirt ... In the colour Burgundy please!!
Her shoes are adorable as well. I've been thinking about investing in a pair of printed flats or pumps but I'm still not much of the out-goer to rock a pair of patterned shoes ...

Original image here.

Yay! I love these. Comfy comfy comfy! Nothing better I would say. And I love how she's wearing sneakers. I personally love the comfort sneakers and closed in shoes over sandals and a flats.
But please, don't get me wrong. I still love sandals and flats. They're summer/spring dresses' bestfriends!

Original image here.

Everything about this look is PERFECT!!

Original image here.

The lace top, the polka-dot skirt and the nude heels? PERFECT!
Definitely something I'd like to put together for myself when I'm feeling sweet and girly.

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Comments are my own person opinions.

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