Monday, April 9, 2012

Long Weekend.

It definitely has been a long weekend.
But not in the case that it's been 'long' because it's been such a drag.
I've have a really great time actually.

Friday: I slept in and pretty much just lazed around the house. Other than that, there was a little wrestling against my sister to keep my Dragonite (which Carl gave to me as an extension of my birthday present). Man, that was tiring .. Oh yeah, click here for a little funny clip.
Saturday: church, and another lazy day.
Sunday: yet.. another lazy day. Oh, and my Auntie and cousin from Philippines arrived that day also.
and today, Monday: I went to Parramatta Westfield with Carl to watch 21 Jump Street. It's a really funny movie guys! I would recommend it for a burst of laughter at really hilarious (but sometimes, dumb) things.
We also had brunch at Nadia's Cafe. I love their French toast.

Anyway, I'll probably post again in a few minutes with some looks from again before I end the night with a ritual phone call, and maybe some leisurely reading if I can't sleep.

Take care! And hope that everyone had a great weekend :)

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