Friday, March 2, 2012

The Weekend.

Feels good to be home knowing that I've got a relaxing weekend with the family and boyfriend to look forward to.
Actually, I already got to spend time with my boyfriend tonight.

Yesterday, March 1st, was my first official day back at uni. Campus was so crowded. But the atmosphere was incredible! Despite that fact that I have a 3 hour break between my lecture and tutorial, it wasn't too shabby.
I didn't just laze around for the whole three hours though. I took the time to eat, catch up and chat with a few friends, and I even started some early (but then again, not really early) study notes for my Literature class.

Today, March 2nd, which obviously doesn't have much of a title, was my second day.
Yes .. I have 2 days of mandatory, face-to-face uni. life. But hey, Fridays are pretty packed.
I started the day off as usual, called and woke up my ever-so-greatest boyfriend (as I am his daily alarm clock) at 5.10am. I too, rose up from my comfortable slumber at that time to prepare for my very long day ahead.
I obviously won't go into detail with my morning rituals as they are personal and aren't on a need-to-know basis, unless I've got some freaky-psycho stalker tailing me, but anyway..
To continue, I left the house at 6.30am to catch the bus to the station. I would have walked but mother-dear strictly told me to take the bus. (She can be oh-so-sweet!)
I then took the train and caught the shuttle bus to campus and pretty much just waited outside my lecture theatre for about 30 minutes.
T'was an interesting lecture. Especially since it was for Maths! Yay!! So happy to be doing mathematics this year. And I'm even more happy that it's pretty much the basics; mathematics up to year 8.
Anyway, after my lecture I had a 2 hour break in which I took my time to eat breakfast, print out documentation and send my boyfriend a file so that he could print it out for me.
Note: If anyone who reads and doesn't follow me on Twitter, my boyfriend saved me 82 pages of printing! AWESOME!!

From 11am to 3pm, I had Chinese 101. Cool class! So fun/funny! Adoring my lecturer/tutor: Zhao Li jiang. He reminds me of Jackie Chan, and my dad! Similar sense of humour, that's why.
Li jiang even gave us cool homework: go to Chinatown and talk to people! Doesn't that sound so great!? Hahaha.

After Chinese, I had my tutorial for Mathematics. Pretty simple and straightforward so far. Today we just went through Roman Numerals and Michael (my tutor) even gave us a times tables quiz/text. Out of 15 quick questions, I got 3 wrong.
Not completely satisfied though because maths was my subject back in the days, so I'm pretty rusty. But I guess I'll take this opportunity to rekindle my deep-and-meaningful relationship with this oh-so-fantastic subject.

So that was my day with uni. life.
I met up with my boyfriend before going back home for our cosy Friday nights bundled up on the couch.

And now, I'm ranting about my day on the Internet.
How typical of a teenager right?!

Okay, promise, my last one (for now) ...
ANYWAY!! ... I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. And I think my nephew will be spending most of the weekend here also, so I've got that little, cheeky bundle of joy to look forward to too.

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