Tuesday, March 6, 2012

September 15, 2011.

Since I have only recently returned, I thought I might as well post up some memories.
Well, memories I can find and/or still have anyway ...

The following photos are from a day out with my boyfriend.
I had uni. earlier that day so we couldn't start out day 'til after 12 o'clock in the afternoon.
Still good though.
My friend, Kevin, and I picked up Carl from Kingswood station. And I didn't want to carry my books to the city so he dropped us to my house before he had to run his own personal errands.

So I dropped off my book and we began our walk to Rooty Hill Station.
(While taking a couple photos due to beautiful sunlight of course.)

Even while waiting at the train station, we took a couple photos.
But since I'm not bothered to upload a whole stream of photos, here is one of my favourites!
It shows our cheeky/playful side :D

We went walking around the Central area of the city since I was wearing Vans. (I wasn't used to wearing Eras so I got blisters *sad face.)
Anyway, we weren't really bothered to find a proper place to eat since we were really hungry so we decided to eat in Market City foodcourt.
Here's our 'best' photos while stuffing our faces!!

So yeah, just a quick post.
I realised that my blog was pretty much all text and not much images besides posts of my Celebrity Crushes (here and here). So here is my first attempt at trying to add some extra interest to my blog posts!
I hope you enjoy and that you look forward to more!

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