Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Dark Desires.

Hey guys!
I just posted another look on
It's nothing too spectacular obviously, but I hope it's decent enough.
Oh, and please don't mind the way my hair looks. I know it looks dry and dead. I got a perm about 2 months ago and I was told not to brush/comb my hair too often.

Click here and also keep scrolling down for more photos of my latest look.

What I'm wearing:
+ Black Sheer Blouse, no brand, bought from a local thrift shop.
+ Corporate Dress, worn underneath blouse, from Valleygirl.
+ Reptile skin Grey clutch, mother's vintage accessories.
+ Off-white Belt, from Temt.
+ Gold Chain necklace, don't remember where I got it. I think it was one of my mother's old accessories she never wears anymore.
+ Faux pearl bracelet watch, from Valleygirl.
+ Faux pearl bracelet, came from a set I bought from Diva.
+ Silver bangles, set from Forever New.
+ Gold Heart ring, don't remember where I bought it.
+ Black Suede leopard print flats, bought from the Philippines.

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