Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Forever Sisters.

Here is another post/collection of photographic memories.
Most of these photos are probably about from a year and beyond ago.

This collection of photos is for my 23-year-old sister, Kaecy Mae Sing Yee.


Our supposed 'Asian' phase.
By the way, just a quick note: She bought me that Elmo jumper for a birthday, and I still have it :)


Before on Saturdays, we'd go to church and have no choice but to wait for my parents in the car for about an hour after the service because they had work to do. So when my sister and I would get bored, we'd take 'luvo' shots!


2008 (Before my Year 10 Formal)
The & My bestest sister in the world did my hair, and the cheapo I was/am, did my own make up. So that day, home was pretty much a salon.

Just a random 'pout' shot from our old family laptop.

2010 (Cousin's Graduation at CQUSIC)
I miss her cute bob.

2010 (Queensland)
Just a glimpse of my sister's cheeky side.

2010 (Queensland)
We love our snow cones!!

Even though she's my older sister, she's still a child that I have dressed, cooked for, fed and cared for. Most of all, I love her very, very, very much!! And I am not ashamed to say that I look up to her (not literally because she is shorter than me :P) and adore her in every way!

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